SHUA Fitness Solution for Pocket Fitness in Japan

12 13.2021

In September 16th, 2021, Pocket Fitness's first smart gym was opened in Ehime-ken, Japan, covering 875 square meters. This gym is equipped with SHUA 88 series and 68 series selectorized strength machines. With the combination of 88 series refine and unique design and 68 classic and modern design, SHUA offers the most effective and natural workout experience for the gym customers. What's more, SHUA fitness equipment can connect other fitness apps to bring a customized experience for customers. In this case, SHUA fitness equipment connect Pocket Fitness' App to record customers' personal exercise data, which helps the gym create an incredible and amazing workout atmosphere.

Pocket Fitness in Japan
Pocket Fitness Cardio Zone

SHUA 88 Series Selectorized Equipment

SHUA 88 Series Selectorized Equipment bring the great workout atmosphere to the gym, delivering an experience beyond strength training. The refine and unique design creates an exciting exercise place more than a weight room. SHUA 88 series machines are built to offer natural, independent, converging / diverging movements.

Chest Press SH-G8801

SHUA 68 Series Selectorized Equipment

SHUA 68 Series Selectorized Equipment combine modern and classic design with simplicity. They are the great choice for users to have a high-efficacy workout experience thanks to their high-performance feature. They also provide a great space for all users.

Butterfly SH-G6802

SH-B9100U Upright Bike

The superior design of SHUA SH-B9100U upright bike with a real gear shift provides thrill and effective performance. Its reliability enables athletes to carry out simple but interesting and motivating riding experience, and to improve your power and efficiency.

Commercial Upright Bike SH-B9100U

SH-B9100E Elliptical

SH-B9100E elliptical features with durability, unique motions, intuitive screen, offering an exciting and effective exercise experience. Finest biomechanic design ensures the most natural movement and boosts glutes activation. It gives athletes the widest variety of training options and intensity levels.

Commercial Eiptical SH-B9100ET

SHUA SH-T8919T Treadmill

Our professional treadmill designer created this SH-T8919&SH-T8919T innovative treadmill for allowing all trainers to workout and to reach their exercise goals. With modern integrated console and 15.6-inch display, this treadmill is ideal for walkers, joggers, and serious runners alike to having an intuitive exerciser experience.

Commercial Treadmill SH-T8919T

The Poket Fitness has taken the country by storm. People are amazed by the gym and the equipment.