SHUA X6 Treadmill: Supreme running experience

12 23.2020

Many fitness enthusiast and media are gripped by SHUA X6 treadmill because it is different from the traditional treadmill. It is equipped with “the brain” to analysis user’s state of motion based on his heart rate to adjust the speed and incline automatically, which renders the running simple, comfortable and effective.

 SHUA X6 treadmill

Scientific using heart rate monitor to customize exercise advantage

Heart rate is an objective criteria for exercisers which tells them to choose a proper training intensity and monitor their body condition while training.

With appreciate heart rate, running and exercise can be simpler and more effective than ever. Kenneth H. Cooper, the father of aerobics, pioneered the benefits of doing aerobic exercise for maintaining and improving health. The author of Running & Being, George A. Sheehan, was a legend of running and running literature. They both believe that cardio workout is more effective with normal and scientific heart rate, which can be calculated, and the number should be between (220 - age) * 0.6 and (220 - age) * 0.8.

heart rate monitor

SHUA X6 treadmill has showed in China Sports Shows. Its unique feature is the reason why more and more people has crowed in our stands to experience the treadmill. And the heart rate function has surprised them.

SHUA X6 treadmill  was showed in China Sports Shows

No need to manually adjust the machine while running. It can automatically adjust speed and incline for you based on your current heart rate. It offers you the simply, safe and effective training performance.

SHUA X6 Treadmill

Intelligent and striking

SHUA panted shock absorption deck, low impact on the joints

SHUA X6 treadmill uses its own panted shock absorption deck to reduce the stress on the joints and muscles while running. It delivers the comfortable and low impact running experience.

treadmill  shock absorption deck

LED smart touch screen with 4 windows, the partner of you life

Smart large touch screen gives you the most intuitive experience. It is simple and stylish, which can match your home style.

treadmill  smart large touch screen

SHUA X6 treadmill is built to represent a brand new training performance for exercisers. Run with your heart beat, enjoy the comfortable training experience.