SHUA X5 Treadmill

01 07.2022



The road we have walked, jogged and run is meaningful. And each step matters.

Recently, SHUA X5 treadmill beautiful home treadmill becomes our top seller. Not only are the dynamic aesthetic features attractive, but also the X5 treadmill treadmill is filled with humanized and safe design. It uses advanced technologies, adopts high quality materials, and offers smooth using experience, which make this treadmill outstanding.

SHUA X5 Treadmill


Reduce impacts on joints and operation noise

As a leading treadmill in the high-end products, X5 treadmill treadmill helps over 76,000 users become healthy.

With its high performace, it had been equipped in the "China House" at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and the 2016 Rio Olympics. And it has been well received in administrations, gyms, institutions and individuals. It is the best seller in China.

The upgraded new X5 treadmill certainly shows SHUA's hard-core strength. As a treadmill with optimal performance, SHUA X5 treadmill has a simple and striking appearance, with classic Z-shaped design. It is designed to inherit classic feathers and combine new thoughts: SUT double-layer running board and patented shock absorption system, which distributes impacts on the user’s knees and ankles effectively by absorbing front, middle, rear and bilateral shock.

 X5 treadmill uses classic Z-shaped design

Running boards play an important role in shock absorption. The X5 treadmill running board is 35mm thickness. With the structure of T18MM running board + 5MM shock-absorbing cotton + T12MM running board, the max user weight is 130 kg. The rebound is comfortable and stable, which plays a good noise reduction and cushioning effect.

The X5 treadmill running board

Besides the shock absorption system, the X5 treadmill has many new features: optional 21.5-inch high-definition touch screen, clean and smooth vision, stylish and technological design. High-quality silicone buttons gives great sense of operation, and easy to adjust exercise intensity when running. 2.0 high-fidelity Bluetooth audio is easy to connect, which you can enjoy music while running. Workout and entertainment are both available.

2.0 high-fidelity Bluetooth audio

Over 561.6 Thousand Times Durability Test

The treadmill is resistant to running, but also depends on the service life. SHUA has created high quality with high standards. According to the national standard GB17498.6, the treadmill durability test requires 12,000 times; the new X5 treadmill has 561,600 tests, which is 46.8 times higher than the national standard. In order to test the durability of the product, it took 312 hours to calculate 30 times a minute! It can be said that every detail has been repeatedly verified.

The motor is the heart of the treadmill. A stable, high-performance motor allows users to run more comfortably and safely, and reduces maintenance costs. The new X5 treadmill has a Class F high temperature motor, 2.5HP continuous horsepower output, 0~15% slope adjustment, and a maximum speed of 18 km/h. The source of power brings more powerful sports energy, suitable for mountaineering, intermittent, fat burning, cardiopulmonary, etc. Different types of training.

X5 treadmill

Intelligent Technology

Support 3 kinds of heart rate monitoring methods

In some professional training, we may often hear the word "heart rate", but for the understanding of heart rate, many people basically know very little, especially the general public fitness people, who care about the subjective feeling of self-fatigue. Some people even think that heart rate should be the concern of professional runners, and ordinary fitness enthusiasts don't need to pay attention. If you think so, you are wrong.

In fact, it is scientific to control the amount of exercise by monitoring the heart rate. The exercise heart rate during running is the best monitor for the human body. In Europe and America, monitoring the heart rate, reasonable control of one's exercise intensity and scientific fitness have become very popular concepts, and the heart rate fitness has also become a very important fitness indicator. In China, only a few athletes are aware of monitoring their exercise intensity.

 3 kinds of heart rate monitoring methods

The new X5 treadmill can do this well. It supports three heart rate transmission modes: hand-held, wireless, and Bluetooth. Scientific exercise is clear. This brand-new product also has a number of black technologies: for example, implanting current fluctuation sensing pedometer technology on the ultra-wide treadmill, recording every step you run; 5 minutes no-load automatic shutdown, safe and energy-saving, very user-friendly.

Every step of the run, the victory is hearty, safe and fun. At every step of life, the victory lies in relaxation and ease. SHUA's new X5 treadmill luxury home treadmill is worth owning!