SHUA SH-B599, Brand New Ridding Experience

01 01.2021

In January, 1st, SHUA launched striking, silent and smooth spinning bike, SH-B599 for home ridding. Different from frictional resistance bikes, magnetic resistance bike is quieter. It has tested in SHUA laboratories, and showed that it generated less 50dB when it was in 60RPM.

SHUA spinning bike  SH-B599

Striking Visual Appeal, Perfect for Your Home

Are you worried about the size and looking of fitness equipment? SHUA brings you SHUA SH-B599 to solve this problem.It is a simple but fashionable spinning bike, with 0.63㎡ coverage, which is perfect for your home.

Quiet and Smooth

Exercise at home is very convenient, but the noise also matters because you don’t want neighbour come to complain.SHUA SH-B599 could free you from worries. It is quiet while using because it adopts magnetic resistance to reduce noise. With belt transforming system, it is able to buffer shock to bring a smooth riding experience.

Moreover, pressing the red knob down to the bottom brakes the bike while using, and locks the bike while not using to keep safe.

Simple Adjustment

Ridding intensity can be adjusted by resistance. SH-B599 combines the magnetic resistance and simple adjustment to bring a simple and comfortable ridding experience. Adopting innovative resistance adjustment, many different exercise needs can be meet.

SH-B599 uses magnetic resistance adjustment

Build Professional Fitness Equipment with High Quality for 25 years

SH-B599 spinning bike is built to last. It adheres to the quality standards, has safety authentication and passes many strict test for torsion and power. It stands 560 thousand times tests to ensure its quality and to bring a safe and comfortable ridding experience for users.