New arrival一wall mounted cable machine SH-G699

09 18.2021

Many people want to buy a fitness equipment for home use to light their life. However, there is a question keeping bothering them: how do they choose a perfect equipment for their apartment?

As the leading supplier for fitness equipment and sports health solution, SHUA releases the new arrivals, SHUA SH-G699. It is optimal for the customers who have the problem, because its compact design enables customers to install it against the wall. 8K stainless steel mirror surface with natural texture, its striking visual appeal lights the room. And with the compact design, it only takes 0.2m2.

It not only maximizes the space, but also works well in the small space. Grip the cable, and you can stretch it to each angle you want to exercise and build your muscle, the left, right, front, back and etc. Various exercise way breaks the traditional exercise, brings the beauty of balance and strength, and enhances the energy.

There are many things need to be considered when purchase a fitness equipment for home use, for example, footprint and price. SHUA SH-G699 wall mounted cable machine offers powerful functional extension and lower price, allowing more exercise options. It is the ideal machine you are looking for.

Despite SH-G699 uses the compact design, it offers immense functions. With the solid and stable surface, it delivers the feeling of safety and excellence.

SHUA always chooses environment-friendly materials. Steel frame is painted static to give the  safe, durable and sustainable performance. In order to meet different exercise needs, it equips with 2.5KG-80KG weight resistance, allowing to adjust.

Exercising at home may disturb the neighbor? SHUA is the idea choose for you to avoid this problem. Personal design and anti-shock round plastic cover between weights provide the best exercise experience with whisper-quiet operation, allowing to exercise anytime without any complaint.

In such a fast-paced life, fitness is much important. However, only few persists in exercising. Many are saying they have no time to exercise. Is that true? Or just their excuse? There are many fragmented time people can use to fitness, like the working time, taking public transport time or the time before sleeping.

SHUA SH-G699 wall mounted cable machine brings free space and exercise. It is cost-effective, allowing to exercise in fragmented time. You deserve this beautiful and powerful machine.