Compatibility Of SHUA Fitness Equipment With Kinomap

04 24.2022

Are you ready to be excited for the big news? Yes, SHUA cardio fitness equipment is compatible with Kinomap now. This leading interactive training app features thousands of shared exercise videos from the best tracks around the world, allowing users to seamlessly follow their planned workout on SHUA’s paired intelligent fitness equipment. By connecting to SHUA fitness equipment, the inclines and resistance can be seen in the video on the screen.

Once paired and responded, SHUA cardio fitness equipment will offer you the incredible training journey with Kinomap. Kinomap will automatically adjust the resistance and incline to match your suitable training intensity and chosen outdoor route as completed training data is uploaded seamlessly for future workout. Kinomap integration enables users to quickly perform their training route on the SHUA intelligent fitness equipment without having to keep tracking of their early workout duration or intensity.

SHUA Fitness Equipment With Kinomap

We are sure that you will have the best possible training experience on SHUA intelligent equipment with Kinomap because it has so much more digital training features.

Scenic videos

Plenty of real roads are filmed by Kinomap’s users all around the world so that you can enjoy many different and mythical courses and never really have to workout at home.

Enjoy many different and mythical courses


Kinomap provides supervised and diversified workout sessions to help you lose weight and develop strength. Training with a coach is an effective way to progress.

Kinomap provides supervised and diversified workout sessions


Create or join a multiplayer workout sessions 24 hours a day on Kinomap to have a fun training experience. You can challenge your friends and chat with them through the live audio mode.

Have a fun workout experience

Structured Workout

If you want to train for something specific, structured workouts on Kinomap will help you reach your goals. Coaching, intervals, FTP test...all are available!

Start the indoor interactive training with us!

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