Build For Excellence: SHUA V10+ Premium Smart Treadmill

02 27.2021

Losing weight seems to be a lifetime thing. Many people are on the road of it. As the people saying, discipline is freedom. Keeping body good in shape is never easy.

Chinese popular movie star, Eddie Peng, was overweight when he’s little. But now, he gets all the beautiful muscles by hard workout. As he shows his half naked body, girls are screaming and calling him “Nation’s Husband”. The reason why stars can keep their body in good shape is they keep exercising, and be self-disciplined.

Exercise takes not only advantages of keeping in good body shape and promoting the noble manner, but also forms an exercising habit and has a healthy lifestyle.

A man is  exercising

Insistence is not an easy thing to do. The obstacle of fitness is the boring, repetitive and mechanical movements. However, people love playing cellphone and gaming because those are interesting. So, we come up with an idea of combining fitness and excited activities to provide an interesting exercise.

With the faith of making running more excited by turning fitness into a game, SHUA V10+ premium intelligent treadmill is born. Let’s see what it’s capable of.

SHUA V10+ premium intelligent treadmill

SHUA V10+ treadmill equips with the large smart screen. With multiple and powerful functions, SHUA V10+ treadmill can do anything.

No matter what you want to do, game, watch movies or have a video meeting, SHUA V10+ treadmill fulfills all the demands.

SHUA V10+ treadmill equips with the large smart screen

The combination of running and gaming delivers the special experience of playing switch while workout, allowing you to enjoy a funny and exciting exercise.

Instead of entertainment function and great immersive experience, SHUA V10+ treadmill is the smart running manager.

It equips with Siemens digital frequency converter, the “powerful brain” in treadmill industry, to offer the high performance, stable rotational speed and precise walking steps.

Moreover, V10+ treadmill is your sweet exercise safety supervisor. The running deck adopts low impact system to protect joints while running. Also, it has scientific heart rate monitor to achieve data visualization.

 Siemens digital frequency converter

Furthermore, it can help you to explore more interesting exercise. From 0.5km/h ultra-low speed to 25km/h ultra-high speed, it meets the needs all of exercisers.

In order to provide a better running experience, we have some tips for you.

Best time for run

 Afternoon or evening is the best time to to run, because helpful factors like core body temperature, hormone levels, breathing capacity, and reflex, all peak in the late afternoon. Space your lunch and your run judiciously, say by a couple of hours at least.

Running Tips

Research shows that over 40 minutes of running can have great advantages of your short-term and long-term health and weight because most of your energy comes from stored muscle glycogen when you run for 40 minutes, which would loss weight. As a whole, running for over 40 minutes is the optimal solution to loss weight.

How to avoid legs fat while running

Legs getting bigger from running is the reason why girls don’t like running. However, it is wrong. Running does not make your legs bigger if you do it right. If you start running for a long time right way, you are likely to tear the muscle tissue, make it swell and appear bigger. So you need to let your heel on the ground first, and then the sole of the foot while running, which could reduced the impact on the knees. Curl lightly knees when feet on the ground, and it can avoid the legs bigger.

At the end, I would like to tell you that the excellent life is not moment about achieving dream, is the time when you chase your dream. Keep running, life and health offers what you want, and SHUA V10+ treadmill is there to help you to complete.