New Year Greetings

12 31.2021

Dear Partners,

Greetings to you all!

2021 is an extraordinary year. With positive attitude, we have faced many challenges,  experienced lots of cherished and touched moments and appreciation together. The year 2022 is coming with the New year bell. At this moment, SHUA and all staffs would like to express New Year wishes to you all!

In 2021, the COVID-19 has become a new normal. Positive energy is forged in the sports for human to fight against the epidemic, and sports has become one of the hot social topics. Dividend policies have put sports industry in the spotlight, including National Fitness Campaign (2021-2025) and double reduction policy of education. What’s more, Chinese athletes’ excellent performance and their gold medal have made a splash in the public. China sports industry is much more dynamic than ever.

2021 is the first year since SHUA had listed. We stay true to the original aspiration, adhere to the mission of bringing easy way of fitness for everyone and stick to the development strategy of product intelligentization, exercise entertainment and scientization, which is to meet the exercise needs of users, to innovate product’s research and development and to advance the To C+To B+To G marketing strategy. And SHUA will continue to grow steadily. Also, with its great performance in the capital market, many securities corporations keep supporting SHUA.   

In 2021, as a member of Chinese fitness brands and with great social responsibility, SHUA has overcome the difficult along with the epidemic and worked hard to provide many professional fitness equipment for Team China in Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. And in this year, we have become the official fitness equipment supplier for Beijing 2022 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. For several months, we sweated and we toiled as we pressed ahead with concrete efforts to create three Fitness Center for athletes. And now, the fitness centers are waiting for the athletes from the world to come. It is the first time that China fitness equipment brand has showed in Olympic village. With this international platform, the world will see SHUA, from China.

The world is in the midst of great changes that have not been seen in a century. And we are in it. Even under the threat of the COVID-19, China has set a series of strategies to achieve common prosperity and carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals. And we are committed to follow the requirements of our country and the times to grow and develop with society. In 2022, we will initiate new strategies and goals to achieve the sustainable development. Hence, on the eve of the New Year, we would like to share our views with you:

First, stay focus.

We always focus on the fitness equipment, the golden path, and adhere to the user-oriented principle to continue improving six product lines and service training, including family fitness, commercial fitness, national fitness, physical training, fitness for the elderly, campus sports and other business, which is to increase SHUA’s market share in international markets, to continue expanding international market with SHUA brand, and to promote the process of brand internationalization. We are dedicated to manufacture high-quality products, comparing with international standards to improve ourselves. And our goal is to achieve the full scene intelligentization for all human being.

Second, reach platform layout.

We are going to explore new business model and release "hardware + software + course+ professional coach" fitness platform. They are meant to provide a integrated fitness system for users and create new values, with SHUA’s hardware, App, fitness course and coach that gradually achieves the interaction for user with equipment, software services and data.

Third, embrace value symbiosis.

We continue to create a community with shared values. With our users, supply chain, partners and employees, we are going to provide the best products and services for users by innovating shared values. We will develop with partners and employees, achieve the shared values of the society and enterprise.

Fourth, keep learning.

We build a learning group to help develop professional skills, break cognitive limitations, and address the uncertainty of the future by continuous learning. We hope that all SHUA people continue to make progress.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games is coming. We are looking forward to enjoying this epic event with you in 2022. We always can overcome challenges, in our life or sports games, with faster, higher, stronger sportsmanship. Together, let’s move forward optimistically, with the hope for the year of 2022.  

Happy New Year to You All!

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