SHUA Fitness Equipment in Taishan Gym, Taiwan

01 14.2022

SHUA fitness equipment has been equipped at Taishan Gymnasium, in New Taipei, Taiwan. Our equipment make this gym transform and become an upgraded and professional fitness club, offering a new fitness experience for exercisers. During its 7-day opening ceremony, the gym has attracted many people who are into fitness to visit and experience those machines. And the great exercising atmosphere and the high-performance fitness equipment are the pleasant experience for the visitors. They love it.

SHUA fitness equipment for cardio workout

The fitness club, covering about 1,500 square meters, is divided into aerobic and anaerobic areas. There are more than 100 pieces of professional fitness equipment for users to workout: SHUA treadmills and exercise bikes in the aerobic area, SHUA 68 series and 69 series strength equipment in the anaerobic area. In those equipment, the SHUA 69 series strength machines are a professional-grade strength training equipment which independently developed and designed by the SHUA R&D team and many world-class bodybuilding champions. With smooth exercise experience, ergonomic design, selected materials and precision manufacturing progress, our machines makes strength training more scientific and effective!

SHUA fitness equipment for strength workout

In addition, SHUA fitness equipment has also equipped in Fengshan Gymnasium in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The details of each product have carefully withstood and conformed high-intensity workout, and the ergonomic design provides more professional and comfortable workout experience!

SHUA strength equipment for exercisers

In recent years, SHUA has not only actively supported cross-strait communication, but also focused on promoting the internationalization of our own brands. It has now set up more than 30 independent brand stores in Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and other countries. The world has seen the power of fitness, and SHUA!

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