Mr. Zhang, The Torchbearer

02 09.2022

Winter Olympic Games Beijing 2022 Torch Relay was held at Feb. 2nd, 2022. Zhang Weijian, the chairman and CEO of SHUA, was chosen as a torchbearer, who proudly carried the torch and passed it on to the next torchbearer. 

Zhang Weijian was chosen as a torchbearer

SHUA is selected as the official fitness equipment suppliers for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and  Paralympics, which means SHUA is the first Chinese fitness equipment brand participating in such an epic event. This time, Mr. Zhang, the first torchbearer in China fitness equipment industry, said, "I am very honored and excited to be chosen as a torchbearer! I believe that Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games will attract more people to participate in the ice sports. By promoting the campaigns of national fitness and healthy China, the stronger sports grows, the more powerful China become. Together for a Shared Future!"

Mr. Zhang was carrying as a torchbearer

Since SHUA has founded, Mr. Zhang always remains his entrepreneurial aspiration in the beginning--"Every family can have a fitness equipment". He is dedicated to initiate health campaign, share thoughts about health, pass them to new generation. With the many achievements, he was Honored the "Award of 2020 National Sports Outstanding Contribution" and "The Leader of Sports Industry in 2020" and other meaningful awards.

Under Mr. Zhang’s leadership, SHUA has listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange, showed in A board. Now, SHUA’s total market capitalization is ranked in the leading world fitness equipment industry, and its products offer the solutions for six product areas and services such as home fitness, commercial fitness, national fitness, bodybuilding, fitness training, elderly fitness and campus sports to implement company global operations with multiple business modes. Over the past 26 years, Mr. Zhang has always emphasized the centrality : adhere to the global high standard of benchmarking, and build high quality, cost-effective pieces for every product.

Mr. Zhang met other bearer.

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