Higher Interactive Experience: SHUA First Global Store

04 15.2021

In April 15, SHUA first global store, located in Paradise Walk Shopping Center in Suzhou, officially opened.

Modern and stylish design makes exercise easily

SHUA has made efforts in scene and operation to build the image of new retail in recent years. Different from the six scene design, SHUA first global store is focus on creating premium scene for home, which is simpler and more modern. Combining the modern design, product display and interactive experience, it delivers the wellness philosophy, bring the easy way of fitness in everyone’s life.

This store has three zones: product display zone, business cooperation zone and personal gym zone. The products create the modern and healthy home life.

New retail, New Experience

Distinguished from the traditional stores which have salesman by your side and keep introducing products, SHUA global store adopts opening experience and without checkout counter design, allowing customers to feel SHUA special services and product in an easier and more interesting way. Interactive experience, customized function and scene, APP linkage are all SHUA’s speciality.

There are many classic fitness equipment like SHUA V10+ splendid treadmill, X5 luxurious treadmill, X6 treadmill with heart rate monitor, Chief massage chair and Flying Bird training machine in the demonstration zone. As customers enter that zone, they can feel and experience those products.

Moreover, there is a demonstration area for massage guns in SHUA store. When you feel tired and exhausted after shopping, you can sit on the massage chair to have a relax and comfortable personal time.

SHUA premium store in Suzhou adopts the core sales principle of new retail and combines advanced technology, allowing customers to purchase products in an easy and interesting way.

Personal Gym, Personal New Lifestyle

How to systematically and professionally create a personal gym to attract all family members to enjoy the exercise? Please go through the product display zone to see the scene of personal gym.

As a professional and leading supplier of fitness equipment, SHUA is dedicated to provide solutions for home fitness. According to the age and health condition of family member, and home style and coverage, SHUA can select perfect treadmill, exercise bike and massage chair to meet your health goal. Meanwhile, SHUA offers the service that teaches people to exercise scientifically.

SHUA wish more people would know about SHUA, fall in love with exercise and let fitness enter everyone’s life..