How to Reduce the Side-Effect of Exercising?

09 28.2021

More exercisers worries about “free radical”, which generates after exercise. Actually, moderate exercise is good for healthy, and free radical only is produced after high-intensity and exhaustive exercise.

Intenser exercise you do, more free radical be generated. When the heart rate reach 70% to 80% for 30 minutes exercising, it is easy for us to increase oxygen reaction, like 400 meters training and weight training.

As the oxygen reaction rises, our body’s antioxidant capability will life too. In other words, moderate exercise help us enhance the capability to against free radical. Hence, exercisers who have moderate workout looks younger than exercisers who love marathon.

A healthy routine plays the prominent part in the antioxidant capability, such as quieting drinking and smoking, sleeping for 8 hours, and stretching and relaxing.

Food is the significance. Say no to junk food, eat fruit and vegetables. Because many antioxidant nutrients found in them. For example, blueberry is renowned for the antioxidant and eye-protection characters. 

Finally, I wish you BEAUTIFUL AND HOT