How does Fat burn?

10 18.2021

Want to burn fat during workout? You need learn the energy systems in your body first. The body relies on three different production systems: phosphagen, glycolytic, and oxidative.

The Phosphagen System

It also called anaerobic systems. The system doesn’t require oxygen, and the oxygen would soon be consumed in 10s to 15s, or even more quickly, depending on different body condition. For example, hold your breath to clime 2 flights of stairs. You won’t pant breath because you need no oxygen during that moment.

The Glycolytic System

The system has two patterns: anaerobically and aerobically glycolytic. And they both produce ATP by using carbs.

The Oxidative System

The oxidative system uses both carbs and fat in addition to oxygen to produce ATP. And there is an important producing part——β oxidation, that is fat system, the fat burning progress.

Many people are saying it wrong. For example, low-intensity and long-time exercise is the key to burn calories, or fat only starts to be burn after 30 minutes exercise. And that causes many misunderstanding.

Experts suggest that only high-intensity workout generates β oxidation to loss weigh in accordance with volunteers’ function consumption in body.

From all those points, you can loss weight by doing high-intensity exercise (panting for breath and feeling sore) for 20 minutes.

Learn the muscle structure and system to burn more fat.
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