Build Eight-Pack Abdominal Muscles

12 10.2021

Rectus abdominis

When people generally think of a ‘eight-pack muscles within the abdominal muscles’, this is the muscle that they are talking about…

The rectus abdominis is positioned between the ribs and the pubic bone at the front of the pelvis, and is actually made up of eight distinct muscle bellies.

When the muscle contracts, these muscle bellies are visible, assuming low enough levels of body fat, creating that ‘eight-pack’ look.

‘Eight-pack’ muscles require strength exercise.

Body fat

To acquire a eight-pack abdominal muscles, it is necessary to decrease the fat around your abdomen.

Think of your abdominal muscles as the meat in the midst of one sandwich. On the top, it is subcutaneous fat, which you can see from the outside. Below them is visceral fat, which is the type that takes up residence next to your internal organs. Hence, reduce the level of body fat is an effective way to build abs muscles

Body fat has to be decreased if want a ‘eight-pack’ muscles.


After limit trans fats, what else we can do to build muscle is get more exercise to wake up those deep core muscles.

Core strength is emphasized as a fundamental component of any good fitness program. Without a strong core training, you simply don’t have the stable structure required to train the rest of the body as effectively. So there are recommendations of ab exercises:

Cable crunch: It targets the entire rectus abdominis, which is the muscle primarily responsible for that six-pack look.

Captains chair: It specifically targets the lower abs muscles, so it is a great exercise to pair with the cable crunch.

Air bicycle:It is very effective at targeting your abs comprehensively

Ab wheel:It tones the entire rectus abdominis very effectively, and also works out your serratus muscles too.