Fitness Is a Lifestyle, not a Mere Destination

08 26.2021
Special editor

Scientific exercise is twice done.

What unhealthy habits should we avoid during workout?

1.No regular exercise, just over training at weekend

Generally, we are busy in working, almost having no time to workout. So we go to gym at weekend, training so hard. And then, the muscles pain for a whole week. This does not have any benefit, but leave the risks of injury.

Regular exercise is necessary. If time is limited, exercise at weekend should be controlled under 60% intensity, focusing on the stretching, relaxing and low-intensity cardio exercise.

Staying at home and playing with your telephone is not a healthy lifestyle.

2.Choose a heavy weight

Many beginners tend to exercise in weight-training, which would probably cause wrong exercise position. The right approach is worm up with low weight to find the strength from muscle, and increase weight gradually. It can enhance the target muscle and reduce the risk of injury.

Beginners tend to exercise in weight-training, which probably causes wrong exercise position

3. Eat junk food after workout

If you workout to loss weight, then you should follow a healthy diet, get away from junk food, and count the calories in the food. If you workout to build muscle, you should stick to a  healthy diet, get away from over-powered food, and eat food with high protein to supply the muscle.

Eating junk food after workout is not a good way to loss weight.

4. Exercise by doing one position

Big muscle group needs at less 3 days to recover, and small one needs at less 2 days. Therefore, you should exercise rationally to avoid the muscle recovery time.

Recover your muscle after high-intense exercise for a long time.