Cutting Calories, Is That Effective?

08 26.2021
Special editor

It is well known that weight is largely determined by how you balance the calories you eat with the energy you burn. Many people start to care about the calories when they eat. For example, weight before eat, and record food calories in the APP. After eating, check the calories. (Given your weight and height, or use a body fat scale, the basic metabolism can be calculated.

Actually, calories cannot be precisely calculated.

Weight scale cannot calulate food calories

Losing weight by absorbing less energy won’t solve the weight issue. For example, 25g nuts in 100 calories, 25g candies in 80 calories, which one would help you loss your weight? This is about the food composition. Though meats are high in calories and protein than candies, they are not stored as fat after eating. However, candies do; Same as fibre and oil.

A balanced diet is important for people to control their weight.

That’s why we need a balanced diet, not cutting calories. Meal with less oil and salt, more protein and fibre is healthier and feel fuller than the “less is more” meal replacement.

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