What to avoid while exercising

11 12.2022

Fitness is a kind of life, which requires careful management and learning. Under scientific and regular training, the results will be twice the result with half the effort.

During the fitness period, what are the habits that are easy to stick to the stereotypes and should be avoided?

1.I don’t usually exercise, but I practice crazily to exhaustion on weekends

Many times, we are busy with work and have little time for sports training. Finally, we wait until the weekend to train every equipment in the gym, and then the muscles are sore for a week. This kind of training method has no effect and causes injuries risk.

Fitness must be regular. If you really don’t have time, you should also control the intensity below 60% during training every weekend, stretching and relaxing, and light aerobic exercises.

2.Blind pursuit of heavy burden

Many novices will use a lot of weight, and there is a high probability that their movements will be deformed. The correct approach is to warm up with light weight to find the feeling of muscle strength, and gradually increase the weight; only then can the training target for the muscle group be improved and the risk of injury reduced.

3.Eat and drink after fitness

If you are exercising to lose weight, you must manage your diet well, stay away from junk food, and control your daily calorie intake to improve fat burning efficiency. If your purpose of exercising is to build muscle, then you must eat a healthy diet, stay away from over-processed foods, supplement high-quality protein, and give your muscles enough nutrition to build a better figure.

4.Only practice one movement per workout

Large muscle groups generally recover in about 3 days, at least three days, and small muscle groups usually take more than 2 days, so arrange and plan your training plan reasonably, and stagger the fatigue recovery period of muscles.

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