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SH-P6101 Mobile Basketball Stand (flat Box)


Product Manual



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2. Main functions and exercise methods

8. Management And maintaining


The Shuhua series basketball stand is professionally manufactured by Shuhua Sports Co., Ltd. The design and crafts of this product always follow the FIBA technical standards. The company develops with “product intelligence, sports entertainment and scientific”. The idea is to implement a multi-brand strategy. It owns two brands, Shuhua (SHUA) and Bacon (BANCON), and provides diversified fitness equipment products. It is one of the most complete industrial chains in the industry.

The base frame of this product is made of 30×30×2.0 mm square tube, and the outer is covered with 3 mm steel plate. The column and the extension arm are welded with a thickness of not less than 4.0 mm and 150×150 high-quality square tube. The main column is made of 150 × 150 × 4.0 mm custom large rounded high-quality square tube; in order to enhance the safe use of the basketball stand, each basketball stand has a weight of not less than 640 kg.


★  Main Functions: Exercise your muscles and strength, as well as your ability to bounce

★  Exercise Methods: Play basketball


 This equipment is only suitable for practice basketball.

 The minors should be supervised by the adults when using the equipment.

 This equipment is strictly prohibited to climb.

 Each volleyball rack base weight box must be placed with more than 640kg of weight.

 The minimum space used for this equipment is the radiant area of 1500mm outward from the edge of the equipment. During the use of equipment, others should be away from the stadium to avoid accidents.

 Please exercise according to your own physical condition. If you feel unwell, stop training immediately, consult a doctor, and exercise after the body recovers.

 The production date of this equipment can be found in the product label, and the safe use period is 8 years.


★The instruction manual must be read carefully before installing this equipment. The installation site must meet the requirements and be installed in strict accordance with the installation steps.

★ Please read the instruction manual and the equipment signboard in the prominent position of the equipment before using this product.

★ If you feel dizziness, pain, vomiting, etc. during use, stop exercising immediately and consult a doctor.

★ For your safety, prevent accidents. Women do not wear long skirts. Minors do not wear long skirts, scarves, hooded clothing, etc.

★ The administrator should develop a corresponding management system and inspection system.

★ In case of equipment damage, please contact the equipment management department or call the customer service hotline for maintenance immediately. Do not use the equipment before it is completely repaired.

★ In the event of a malfunction, the equipment must be disassembled and maintained by a professional technical staff.

★ Please refer to the instructions or signboard of the equipment for exercise. Exercise with incorrect or unreachable functions may cause harm to your health.


1.Main structure

The movable basketball stands is composed of base, column, arm, rear pull rod, up pull rod, head moving piece, glass backboard, basket frame, bumper and so on.

2. Main technical parameters

The main weight of the basketball stands is about 600KG, and the dunk impact force is about 320KG. The inner diameter of the basket is 450mm, the height of the basket is 3050mm from the ground. Backboard specification: 1800mm*1050mm, with international high strength safety glass rebounds, with high transparency, good corrosion resistance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, not easy to fuzzy etc, and under the rebounding tallied side covered with protection, can protect the athlete movement from harm, The height of the backboard is 2900mm from the ground, the arm is (Backboard front elevation to seat sheath front elevation) 1850 mm.

3.Structure Diagram

When you open the package, place each part of the parts on the floor. We have prepared all kinds of fasteners, you can assemble them quickly by following the steps below.

1. Install box, vertical arm, rear pull, beam, and bumper bar

Use the M16*45 semi-circular head hexagonal bolt, Φ16 flat washer and Φ16 spring washer to connect the column and the base, and tighten the bolt; connect the pentagonal bolt in the M12*35 semicircular head, Φ12 flat washer and Φ12 spring washer to the vertical arm. Together; use the M12X70 semi-circular head pentagonal bolt, Φ12 flat pad, Φ12 spring pad to connect the rear tie rod to the tail of the extension arm; use the M12X70 semi-circular head pentagonal bolt, Φ12 flat pad and M12 lock nut to connect the rear tie rod to the base Together; the fuse tube connection uses the M12X70 semi-circular head pentagonal bolt, Φ12 flat pad and M12 locknut and the extension arm, the tabs of the column are connected together; the base, the column, the rear tie rod and the extension arm are installed after the installation is not less than 640KG weight.

2.Install basketball rack with backboard and basket

Backboard connection: First use M8X20 semi-circular head pentagonal bolt, Φ8 flat pad, Φ8 spring pad, connect the rebound ear piece to the glass backboard; then use M16*45 semi-circular head hexagonal bolt, Φ16 flat pad, Φ16 spring pad to rebound The mounting joint (large) and the backboard mounting joint (small) are connected to the boom head, and the M12*35 semi-circular head hexagon socket head bolt, Φ12 flat washer, Φ12 spring washer will be used to install the joint (large) and the backboard mounting joint ( Small) is connected with the glass backboard; the upper pull rod is connected with the M10x40 semi-circular head hexagonal bolt, Φ12 flat washer, Φ12 spring washer and the rebound lug, and then the M10X35 semi-circular head hexagon socket bolt, Φ12 flat washer and M12 lock nut will be used. The glass backboard is attached to the boom.

Basket connection: Use the M10X30 semi-circular head pentagonal bolt, Φ1 flat pad, Φ10 spring pad to connect the basket to the glass backboard.

3.Adjustment of Basketball Stands
Adjust the level of the basket by adjusting the M12*40 hex screw; adjust the bolt to adjust the height of the basket to 3050mm from the ground; adjust the bolt to adjust the level of the rebound by the upper lever; after the basketball rack is installed and debugged, The bumper bar must be locked for use.


The whole equipment free warranty for 3 years,and the accessories cost is charged after 3 years.

For details, please call:8008585955 or 4008878855

8.Management And maintaining

The management units of parks, green spaces, squares and other public places and residential areas shall clearly identify the persons responsible for the management and maintenance of the equipment allocated to such public places and residential areas.

When purchasing and/or using the equipment purchased by the company, risk assessment shall be carried out jointly with the supplier to ensure that the equipment is matched with the management and environment.

★ The installation of equipment shall be checked and accepted jointly by the user and the relevant manufacturer or dealer (see the attached table for the installation inspection form 1) can only be used after qualified.

The user unit should be equipped with trained management personnel. Managers should have basic knowledge and management knowledge related to equipment, such as: brand, name, function, scope of application, safe service life, correct use method, common mechanical and electrical knowledge, related precautions and safety warning requirements.

The user should establish a corresponding management system and inspection and maintenance system, including daily inspection and annual inspection requirements and make detailed records (see Attachment 1). If the equipment is found to be damaged or there are unsafe factors in the daily inspection and the unit cannot solve the problem, it should immediately be listed on the obvious position of the equipment and stop using it. At the same time, notify the dealer to carry out maintenance and repair according to the annual inspection form (see attached table 2).

★ For equipment that exceeds the safe service life, the user should be responsible for the timely dismantling and dismantling.

★ The superior management department of the use unit shall conduct regular or irregular supervision and inspection.

★ The shaft, nut, and transmission used on the equipment should be lubricated regularly to improve the service life of the equipment. For example: coating or dipping in grease, etc.

★ The vulnerable parts listed in this equipment should be inspected frequently; the defective parts should be replaced in time or the equipment should be disabled until repaired.








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★ Please note that this equipment manual is subject to new revision or release without prior notice.

★ The final interpretation of this manual belongs to Shuhua Sports Co., Ltd.


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